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My Take Aways From "Which platforms Do You Bet On" Panel Discussion

Speakers: Paul Thurrott, moderator; Jay (saurik) Freeman, Cydia; Tyler Lessard, RIM; Aaron Hillegass, Big Nerd Ranch, Robert Scoble; Romi Mahajan, Microsoft.

This session was a free for all that jumped around quite a bit.  I liked the informality of the talk points as it felt more genuine to me in this format.

Main take aways/talking points I got were:

  • Yammer… adopted virally at Rackspace
  • Trend to invest in customer driven technologies is what is going to happen in the consumerization of IT.  We (the users) are bringing technology into the corporation.  IT needs to adjust to that.  Be an enabler instead of a policy enforcer.
  • Carriers are not the friend of innovation though their contributions are important to the ecosystem.  They are needed, but don’t get much credit from the user base.
  • Feedly app is similar to FlipBoard.  Feedly took approach to support all platforms via  HTML 5 implementation.  FlipBoard focuses just on iPad.  Is feedly’s interaction/UI good enough since compromises needed to be taken to work on all major platforms? 
  • Personal note: I was shocked at how many people in the audience didn’t know about the FlipBoard app.  (Based off of number of people writing during the FlipBoard background discussion (which was brief)). 
  • Native vs HTML.. Native will always ‘win’ from security/features/etc… can always do better. 
  • Group seems to believe no one winner (platform wise) will come out of this deal. (Similar to CC cards… Amex, Visa, MC example was used.)
  • Tyler Lessard mentioned: 12/24 months… devices will become our wallets.  Scoble says they already are.   
  • Biggest fear for Aaron Hillegass: “The death of board-em”   You tend to seek out more hearty meals when board… With a phone/mobile device: you get Frito’s instead, meaning just little bites of info, but never a full meal.  (This has lead to kids not knowing how to entertain themselves.)
  • HTML5 does not equal “Thin client”
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