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My Notes: The Cloud as a Platform

Speaker: Jinesh Varia   Amazon Web Services (AWS) Technology Evangelist

Lines are blurring between SaaS, PaaS, IaaS

Lots of new innovative business models.  Pay as you go, One time upfront + pay as you go, Requested bid price and pay as you go, Standard and Reserved.   These work best respectively in the following environments: Spiky workloads, steady state workloads, time insensitive workloads, for regulatory and compliant workloads.

Take-Away #1: Flexibility is the key for cloud options

– Can use any Programming Model, language, or OS/DB
– Can use any service individually or in any combo
– Can use as much (or as little) and only pay for what was consumed.
– Can use any existing System Management tools and extend the data center to the cloud

The cloud as a platform: Platform that provides Foundation to build innovation solutions on top, abstraction to hide underlying layers (hardware and software), is self service.

1 job, 1 machine, 500 hours = $1500 rack and stack on premises
1 job, 500 machines,  hour = $290

Netflix is almost 100% on AWS

Take Away #2: Elasticity is the fundamental property of the cloud

“Turn off, and not pay for it, when you don’t need it.”  That’s the beauty of the elasticity of the cloud.

“Build a Web application that sleeps at night or shrinks itself when there are no users accessing it”… Follow the sun and leverage the true power of on-demand elasticity and globally dispersed regions.  (follows the sun means high usage during the day, much less at night)

The day is not too far away where this is viable for most: Scalability, Security, high availability, Fault-tolerance, Testability and elasticity will be configurable properties of the app arch and will be an automated and intrinsic part of the platform on which they are built.

Cloud is a platform for computation, Research and Development.  Time to provision a server is a few minutes with cloud.

Don’t have to hug your servers anymore.. You can get complete control of the environment.

Cloud is a platform for:

  • Computation
  • R&D
  • New Gen apps
  • Internal Corp IT
  • Storage
  • Integration
  • Platforms
  • To realize your own ideas

Take Away #3: Redefining cloud security

In the cloud, security is a shared responsibility. 

App needs to encrypt data in transit and at rest, protect your AWS Credentials, rotate your keys, security your application.

The cloud is more than its services.. Its an enabler

Future = “Internet as the Operating system of Services”

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