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My Notes:GPS for Android

Session speaker: Robert Machale

Unfortunatly Robert had trouble accessing his Google Docs account, so he did not have access to his slides.  Worst part was that he didn’t let the room know he was waiting to try and get on the network for the first 15 mins of the session.  After 15 mins, then finally mentioned to group he was waiting but was going to start without them.   

He feels Android will take over 3-5 years, except for iPad.  FAA recognizes iPad as a replacement for kneepad for flight deck.  Executives like iPad.  Those were main reasons he thinks the iPad isn’t going away anytime soon.

Can ask GPS receiver 3 questions:  Long/Lat/Altitude  You have to use other tools to extend after that.

Get values from GPS Satellites or Network carriers triangulation . Can choose either.  Listen to GPS or Network.  90% preferable = GPS

Claims that a Visual studio dev’s first choice should be Android over WP7 even… Likes the dev environment and says it’s easy to learn if you already do C# development.  This is a plus.

Side frustration: he polled the room and 9 out of 10 people surveyed said that have created a Android app… yet he went painfully slow through the setup process of creating a project, setting up emulators, etc.

Claims you should use Android 1.6 – Api Level 4 and all Android devices will work.  Also noted that every Android device will have an SD Card.

Tip: When your Android app runs, your SQLLite db is in your app folder (not SD card). 

Tip: flip from portrait to landscape views via:  Control F11 or F12.  Numeric 7 key allows you to toggle landscape/port mode.

Tip: You can setup “folder called layout-landscape” if you use the same input id’s… you can have two layouts and it will switch.  Says it’s more desirable to do this, instead of having the screen resize/etc using relative placing of elements.

Tip: to get through a firewall… you can set emulator command line options with Firewall Username/Password

Tip: Emulator control window will help you be able to modify the GPS info being sent to the phone.  KML = google map centric format of location controls

SQLLite is really a whole lot like MS Access

Session was disjointed, but a few tips were gathered.

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